Miglietti Torneria Meccanica was established in 1975 by Mr. Pier Carlo Miglietti, who after a long time spent working for a well known industry in Biella, decided to find his own way as an entrepreneur.

Strong of his experience and skills, Mr. Miglietti didnít find it hard to build his own market up, acquiring many Customers along the way.

Soon enough, orders started increasing and with the help of his two sons Vittorio and Michele, Mr. Miglietti decided to build the first corporate headquarters in Dorzano.

In time, his sons took over the reins of the Company, which expanded to its todayís premises of 2,500 square metres.

The production required grew to the point where the installation of several N/C lathes and N/C boring stations was needed, as well as the increasing of the number of employees.

Migliettiís took off and in order to achieve that, its goal has always been excellence either by investing in very skilled manpower and new technologies.

The new headquarters offer offices, workshops, three large loading and unloading areas for trucks and containers, a large assembly line, storage and warehouse areas as well.

In 2009 JEM LTD was founded as to manufacture and sell cloth cutting machines for cloth samples, along with their spares, including the famous zigzag shaped blades.

Given the global recession, Miglietti has diversified its production, joining up with a team of highly skilled electronic engineers to project and build frames for solar tracking systems, which have already been installed in Dorzano (Biella) on behalf of a local Company, for the production and sale of clean electric energy.

Miglietti is a Company with a great tradition, able to change its goals and invest in the top new technologies to keep growing in todayís difficult and uncertain market.

Lathes department, traditional and  N/C


Miglietti is located in Dorzano (Biella), close to the motorway and to Milan Malpensa and Turin Caselle International Airports .

Via Giovanni Beduglio, 26 - 13881 Dorzano (Biella) - Italia
Cod. Fiscale e P. I.V.A. 01771050026
Phone: +39 0161 967822 / +39 0161 968378 - fax: +39 0161 966676 - info@miglietti.it